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Where did my Dispace logon go?

When you book into either a community space or paid meeting room, you'll be prompted to login or create an account. If you have an existing Dispace account you can use your existing login here. You no longer have an account with a profile picture or editable information. 

What is the advatange of using Dispace?

We've worked with some of our favourite local venues to offer attractive rates on meeting spaces and day-passes to some of the coolest co-working sites around. 

We only advertise spaces we've visited, used and love ourselves so you can trust in always finding a friendly space.

I'd like to list my space, how do I do that?

Great! We always love finding new and exciting spaces. If you're interested in listing with us simply drop an email to [email protected] with your contact information, details about your venue and a link to your venue website / social media page. 

How much does it cost to list?

Listing is free! If you have a paid bookable space, like a meeting room or events space, we'll take a small commission on confirmed bookings.

About Dispace

Dispace was founded by a small Nottingham team who saw the way work-culture was changing. 

More and more people were working remotely, whether for themselves or as part of companies, and needed somewhere to do it. 

We saw an opportunity to partner with existing venues we already loved to see how they'd feel about opening up their doors to freelancers and remote workers who wanted a bit of variety from the home office, somewhere to meet clients and network whilst drinking a lot of coffee. 

Originally, we worked with venues to offer discount packages to freelancers, like 2-4-1 coffee to create a mutually beneficial relationship where people could meet, exchange ideas and dicover new places and businesses could get traffic at typically quieter times of day.

Since then we've expanded to offer paid meeting spaces for both work and play recognising people live increasingly connected lives and want places they can do it all. 


We focus on the Midlands, our home, but offer venues all across the UK.

About Switch

We created Switch because we couldn't get our heads around the fact it's easier, and quicker, to book a flight than it is to book an events space in your own city. We're problem solvers by nature so we couldn't help but start working on the solution: Switch.


We saw the amazing venues around with great staff, interesting architecture, well-designed menus and everything you need to create something really special but no technical capabilities. Bookings were enquiries forms and phone numbers with no quick response 


Switch was built for the industry, working alongside venues we'd already developed relationships with through Dispace. At the heart of Switch is a highly sophisticated booking system that allows venues to be creative with how they sell their private spaces, services and events; simplifies how they manage this part of their business; and allows them to provide live booking online, via their website and industry aggregators.


Our dream was already pretty big but our ambitions for Switch continued to grpw and before you knew it, Switch was in use by universities, conferences centres, restaurants and more. 

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